Not content with the beloved British sit-coms that they’ve already tried and failed to emulate, the US is once again trying to take a crack at Channel 4’s The IT Crowd. Which they’ve already tried to do multiple times. Third time’s a charm? Probably not.


Original series creator Graham Linehan is on board to work with NBC in developing the remake, and is set to write and executive produce the ‘reimagining’ of the show, which follows the employees of an IT department in a massive corporation. Also producing, with Universal Television will be Patrick Daly and Jon Rolph.

The original series starred Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry, and ran for four seasons on Channel 4, ending with a one-hour finale in 2013.

Unfortunately, it seems that the US market has not learned from past mistakes, as this marks NBC’s third try to create an American version of the series – though this is the first time Linehan will write. In 2007, the network produced a pilot episode starring Joel McHale, Jessica St. Clair, and Ayoade reprising his role as Moss – something he later admitted he was “dumb” to do.

Given the complete misfire that was the US remake of The Inbetweeners, which once again proved that British humour doesn’t translate across the pond – we don’t have high hopes for this. Let’s just hope that someone can stop this before it can happen again.

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