Developers IO Interactive recently wrapped up the final Elusive Target of Hitman: Season One and as they pause to plan for what comes next, they are calling certain players to curate playlist of featured contracts.

On August 11, IO will bring ten new Featured Contracts along with the sixth Challenge Pack. Those five challenges will be in Hokkaido, offering a unique item as a reward. Later in August, the first player-curated Featured Contracts will launch. IO yesterday explained:

““These contracts will function in the same way to the Featured Contracts that you’ve come to know and love in the game, with one big twist: one of our players will curate the list. These player-curated contracts will offer a fresh twist to the style of contracts that will be featured in the game and give all players a chance to get an insight into how some of the prominent members of the Hitman community play the game.”

The first player curator will be Brazilian streamer  Mendietinha. Hopefully this is sign that the developers are planning for the release of the as-yet-unannounced Hitman: Season Two.

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