Over the years, Shia LaBeouf has become one of the world’s strangest and most meta actors around, so it makes sense that his newest project is a semi-autobiographical film in which he is supposed to be playing a man that resembles his own father, James LaBeouf.

Honey Boy tells the story of a grown-up child actor who attempts to mend his relationship with his “hard-drinking, law-breaking” father. While we’ve seen LaBeouf change his appearance for films before, but rarely to the level that we can see on the pictures below, where LaBeouf is almost unrecognisable as a balding, bespectacled image of his father:

Although Honey Boy is largely based on the LaBeoufs, his character is actually named James Lort, with Lucas Hedges playing the fictional version of Shia himself, named Otis Lort.

Of course, the appearance isn’t everything with LaBeouf’s portrayal of James Lort, and the success of Honey Boy will rest on how he acts. With all the negative press that has been thrown LaBeouf’s way over the past few years, as one of Hollywood’s most polarising actors, this film could be his chance to deliver a comeback performance for the ages.

More news on Honey Boy when we have it.

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