Guerrilla Games have released new details on Horizon Zero Dawn DLC “The Frozen Wilds”. The new expansion will release November 7 for PlayStation 4 and will see Aloy travelling to Northern regions where she will face a terrifying monster standing guard over a mountain.

The Frozen Wilds will feature new areas, new mysteries and a whole bunch of new machines. In the trailer which was released alongside the announcement, you can see a shot of the Grand Prismatic Spring suggesting that the DLC will take place around Yellowstone park, or what is left of it at least. The game is looking as beautiful as always, with the studio’s now iconic level of graphical detail really lending itself to the snowy environments.

The Frozen Wilds will debut on PlayStation 4 at a price point of $19.99, but you can pre-order it now from the PlayStation Store for just $14.99. In the Meantime, there’s an exclusive avatar available for those who pre-order the game. Check out the trailer below:

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