Attendees of SDCC next month’s will have the opportunity to watch the premiere episode of Hulu horror series, Castle Rock, ahead of its release. From producer J.J. Abrams, the series is based on the works of Stephen King, and named for his fictional Maine town.

Unlike the innumerable other Stephen King adaptations in the works at the moment, this series will intertwine the many themes and characters of King’s novels. With San Diego Comic Con rapidly approaching, the production team are taking the opportunity to give those attending the show’s panel a special treat.

Deadline reports that the first episode of Castle Rock will be shown during the Hulu panel. Abrams will not be attendance, given that he is currently working in the UK on Star Wars Episode IX (though rumour (though rumour has it he may appear via video), but stars including Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgård will be in attendance. Deadline also notes that Stephen King will not be appearing.

Though some of the show’s plot details remain a mystery, it will explore the troubled lives of Castle Rock’s residents. Attorney Henry Deavers (Andre Holland) returns to his hometown in order to represent a Shawshank prisoner (Skarsgård) when unsettling things begin to happen. Whatever the overarching plot, Castle Rock is set to become a firm favourite among Stephen King fans, undoubtably due to the abundance of Easter eggs that have turned up in the teasers so far.

Castle Rock will air on Hulu on July 25th.

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