Bruce Wayne, not necessarily Batman.

Batman: The Animated Series has always been a favourite of fans of the Dark Knight, and Kevin Conroy’s voice acting as Batman has become iconic over the years. But, this year, Conroy is set to make another very different outing in the role – as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Revealed during this year’s Television Critics’ Association event, Conroy will be playing an older, Batman Beyond-style Bruce Wayne in the crossover, which will mark the first time that Batman has appeared in the Arrowverse, and the first time the actor has stepped into the live-action shoes of the role.

If fans don’t recognise his face, they will certainly recognise Conroy’s voice, as he has lent his voice to the character for over 25 years in many projects, including the Rocksteady Arkham games, and animated films.

There isn’t a lot of detail revealed about the role Bruce Wayne will play in the crossover, but if he is to be an older version of the character as in Batman Beyond, its possible that Bruce will take on the role of mentor, probably to his cousin Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose).

As well as this, characters from Black Lightning will be appearing in an Arrowverse crossover event for the first time since the show began on The CW, although how and when the characters will appear has not yet been revealed.

Crisis on Infinite Earths begins on December 8th, with Supergirl.

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