For those of us that lived, thrived and survived the eighties Saturday mornings was the place and time where learned a lot about our lives, more than school ever could.

Animated programming, like Transformers and ThunderCats, educated and entertained us in ways that would linger within our hearts and minds forever.

One of those shows was a short-lived sci-fi fantasy called Visionairies: Knights of the Magical Light (you can hear the theme song in your head now, can’t you?). Like many shows of the time it was moulded on the prose of ‘good versus evil’ and saw two groups – the Spectral Knights and the Darkling Lords (can you tell which is which?) – in a race to acquire magical abilities from a mysterious sorcerer and imbue them all with powers, armor and weapons, including hefty staffs that held a hard light life form (a Patronus of sorts) that enhances their defensive and attacking skills. It was all so thrilling.


Alike most of the animated programs of the time Visionairies was borne out figures and toys from Hasbro. Poor sales saw the cartoon end after thirteen episodes but merchandise in the form of a comic book continued for, again, a short run.

The title, produced and published by Star Comics (an imprint of Marvel Comics) expanded on the fight for the planet of Prysmos. While the memories of the ‘toon resided in the past the legacy of the characters and colourful powers lived on with a cult status.

Many years later (we get it, we’re old!) and a number of publishers have bought the rights to cartoons from yesteryear. DC brought the Masters of the Universe to the comics world, as did IDW with another staple of childhood entertainment, M.A.S.K. The return of Visionairies was inevitable and; that is exactly what IDW have gone and done and, boy, is it making a lot of folks giddy.


At this time not much is known about its release date, story or direction, other than Magdalene Visaggo (Quantum Teens are Go) and Fico Ossio (Critter, Revolution) will be leading the creative team.

Stick with us as more unfolds on this story.

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