Marvel’s The Inhumans isn’t so bad. It might have scored 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it still has it’s moments. It’s light, and the special effects are good, and there’s a reasonable amount of intrigue. I think they’ve done alright, considering they’re the worst superheroes ever and Marvel are kind of working with what they’ve got.

For a start, Iwan Rheon (Ramsey Bolton from HBO’s Game of Thrones) has been giving a great performance as Maximus the Mad, the diabolical prince who’s hellbent on usurping the throne of Attilan (I know, it’s eerily familiar!) He’s dark, he’s charismatic,he’s evil, and it appears that he’s fighting for the people. If nothing else, you can derive some entertainment out of watching him slowly lose his accent like Richard Attenborough in Jurassic park. The rest of the actors have their shining moments, as well: Anson Mount as the strong, silent leader that can’t communicate with the natives; Serinda Swan as Queen Medusa, having to argue with herself the whole time; and Isabelle Cornish, whose character doesn’t have any interest in the plot, and just wants to go have a teen romance in Hawaii (which is probably a smart move.)


I have really been enjoying the soundtrack. It’s got a couple of more up-to-date tunes on there, a bit of Imagine Dragons, or whatever; and it seems like every week there’s a sweet cover of something I wasn’t expecting – like a really emotional cover of (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (originally by Blue Öyster Cult,) or that weird industrial popstar version of Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones; and they’re always set to just the right scene.

So far, Marvel have mostly shown super powers that are amazingly awesome. It’s a nice, humourous change of pace to watch the worst super powers ever: Medusa, whose amazing hair is easily defeated by a number two all over; Gorgon, who can kick the floor real good; or worst of all, The Black Bolt – if he speaks, you die! It’s silly, and it’s camp, and there’s no possible way of believing they could save anyone… which makes it that much more amazing when they do!

There were always going to be problems with The Inhumans. The comic book guy inside me is screaming about how this show can’t possibly work without various characters that we’re not going to see, but that gives the creatives room to go somewhere else entirely. It makes the show less predictable. It keeps the fans on their toes.

Finally: There’s a giant psychic dog that can teleport you anywhere you want. Even the moon. They’re living the dream. We all need a giant psychic teleporting dog in our lives.

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