Marvel is king when it comes to keeping plot details under wraps, and this year’s Infinity War is no different. We know that the Avengers are facing Thanos and the Black Order, looking for Infinity Stones, but beyond that, we have nothing.

Until now, that is.

LEGO has released new pictures of their upcoming Infinity War sets, which confirm one plot rumour, while giving us a few clues about some other parts of the film.

lego infinity war thor

First up, is the confirmation of Thor’s new weapon. A set named ‘Thor’s Weapon Quest’ suggests that at some point during the film, Thor goes on a side-quest and finds himself a new weapon to replace his beloved Mjolnir – with some help from the Guardians.

lego infinity war hulkbuster

The Hulkbuster makes another appearance, though this time without the Hulk in sight. We also see Falcon facing Proxima Midnight, which again does something to confirm the new design of her helmet.

lego infinity war outriders

The ‘Outrider Dropship Attack’ set includes a figure of one of Thanos’ many-armed beasts that have made an appearance in the trailer – which are, based on the set’s name, called the Outriders. Also included is a little LEGO infinity stone, and Cap’s arm shields, complete with movie-accurate beard.

lego infinity war sanctum

One of the biggest sets to be revealed is the ‘Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown’ which sees Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man fight to protect the New York Sanctum. The set also includes figures of Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf, two of Thanos’ Black Order.

lego infinity war milano

And last, but not least, the ‘Thanos: Ultimate Battle’ set includes a pretty big Thanos figure, winged Iron Man – and the GuardiansMilano!

Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres on April 27th in the UK, and May 4th in the US.  

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