You can now watch all the behind-the-scenes magic of Avengers: Infinity War, as It’s Amazing has released four videos that breakdown the blockbuster film’s visual effects.

While the studio has had some problems with CGI in the past, Marvel was generally praised for the quality of their VFX work following Infinity War, especially when it came to the amazing motion-capture work on Josh Brolin’s Thanos. And now, fans can take a look at the process of creating such fantastical visuals in these newly-released videos.

The first of the videos focuses on the battle at the beginning of the film between Thanos and the Hulk on board the Asgardian refugee ship. As we see in the video, Brolin filmed his part of the scene alone, so it’s safe to assume that Mark Ruffalo probably did his part in isolation also.

The second video shows Gamora’s emotional conversation with the Mad Titan about her being snatched away from her family.

Number three focuses in its first part on the battle in Wakanda which, based on set photos, was filmed outdoors, but with a large amount of VFX needed to be added in afterwards, for both characters and effects alike. In the second part of this video, we get a closer look at Brolin’s performance as Thanos in the scene where he explains his plans to Doctor Strange on Titan.

The final video revolves around the spectacular battle between Iron Man and Thanos in the film’s concluding scenes, which is interesting as it seems that in the wide shots, Robert Downey Jr. and Brolin are replaced by their body doubles, with the actors appearing mostly in the close-ups. This makes sense as before Infinity War was released, it was revealed that Brolin was on set as much as his co-stars, as he was also working on Deadpool 2 at around the same time.

With no Hall H panel for Marvel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, there’s no telling when we will see any teaser clips, or the revelation of Avengers 4’s title, though reshoots and additional photography will be taking place this summer ahead of the film’s release next year.

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