Released: May 19th 2017

Batman and his merry band of rebels attempt to restore calm to the world after Superman’s regime. However, the arrival of a new group of super-villains called ‘The Society’ and the über-creepy über-mind Brainiac forces Batman to think about releasing Superman to quash the threats to an already frail and crushed world.

“So you won’t kill, but you’re fine with traumatic brain injuries?”


The combined might of NetherRealm Studios and Warner. Bros Interactive Entertainment shows that sequels can sometimes improve on the qualities and features of its predecessor and in Injustice 2 that idea is tested again with story focusing on questioning the morals and mantras of major and minor characters within the DC Universe, like nothing else seen before.

Picking up exactly where Gods Among Us left off with Superman imprisoned and the Regime mostly taken down a new enemy has emerged to further complicate the situation and raises the stakes so high that character conviction is thoroughly tested. Here, is where each combatants power sets, fighting skills and personalities shine. Supergirl, in particular, continually proves to be a spectacular addition to any storyline, whether it be in a game, TV show, comic book or cartoon. Where her cousin goes into each battle with brutal strength and flow, Kara uses her powers in an effortless and confident fashion making her fights absorbing and memorable. Some may even say that she style mirrors that of Mortal Kombats’ Scorpion or Sub Zero. That is more than fine with us. We love MK here at SBOC.


Many returning characters, such as Green Lantern and The Flash bring forth their own personal arcs throughout the single-player campaign that are coupled with awesome cut-scenes that will give you goosebumps as you jump out of your chair with excitement and happiness. New additions give a new perspective on the story, whilst also fleshing out the diversity in the heroes and villains. Unfortunately, many of them are wasted throughout the game’s story as they only show up to add an extra fight or element into an already dramatic chapter. However, keep a keen eye out for Captain Cold’s icy tale of vendetta, as it is the most stirring and intriguing.

Injustice 2 plays incredibly well! Game play is much smoother and cleaner than the original. This beautiful fluidity makes every fight more competitive and more fun as the game is easier to pick up and play and more accommodating for combo’s. This fluidity is capitalised by roll escapes and air recoveries, which help to keep control within the player’s hands even when stuck in an enemies’ long combo. The reintroduction of the stage interactions and transitions improves on the original. Each stage is quite varied but beautifully designed, filled with detail and interactivity that captures and enlightens the Injustice tradition of interactivity.

The new roster of heroes and villains are incredibly varied and creative giving both the overly devout and regular fans of DC’s comic titles and cinematic universes to bring their favoured character to ‘life’ in this very dramatic and dark setting. Typical DC.

The appearance of newbies, including: Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate, Atrocitus, Swamp Thing, Firestorm, Deadshot, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Braniac, Gorilla Grodd, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Robin, Supergirl, Black Canary and many more, are fuelled by the brilliant introduction of Premier Skins, which allows for those, who possess similar or the same move-sets as existing characters, to be added into the robust roster.

The Multiverse mode is where players can fight through the traditional arcade ladder of the Battle Simulator with each character to receive a character-related cut-scene or take on the varied and continuously updated planets from the Multiverse, where battles are determined by ladders and enhanced with player handicaps, goals and stipulations.


New to the Injustice series is the Gear System; a game-changing system that allows players to make each character their own with ‘loot’ that changes their appearance, stats and abilities. Loot is gained from fights and Mother Boxes. Loots vary from head, body, arms, legs and some character-specific appearance changes such as Atrocitus’ companion Dex-Starr or Aquaman’s trident. The loot system is truly brilliant as it even allows you to Regenerate Gear, meaning that you can increase the level and stats of your favourite looking loot so you can always wield it, thus placing your preferred design above all else. Additionally, the statistical changes made by customisation can be turned off before fights, allowing for the competitive aspects of the game to flourish and be respected.

Injustice 2 is a masterpiece and the full package; the single-player campaign will be replayed and cherished forever, the Gear System will keep us playing for the best loot and the Multiverse will always add variety to the package. Furthermore, the competitive players will love the online multiplayer and the ability to turn off customisation, making Injustice 2 a staple fighting game in every gamer’s collection.

RATING: 10 out of 10

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