Despite being the developers of one of E3 2018’s most anticipated games, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac are also exploring VR.

Stormland, announced by Insomniac yesterday, is an open world VR game that puts the player into the body of a broken android, left by ominous force, The Tempest.

Though the game has only been announced for Facebook’s platform, it looks like players will have many different forms of movement, weapons, and ways for players to interact with the environment. As well as this, Insomniac have said that players will be able to explore their beautiful surroundings, either in a single player mode, or with a friend.

Stormland isn’t Insomniac’s first venture into VR, though, as the company released action-adventure game, Edge of Nowhere, in 2016, which was met with a fair to middling reception by critics and fans. Hopefully, Insomniac has taken on board the criticism of Edge of Nowhere and applied this to their work on Stormland.

stormland vr

Chad Dezern, the chief creative officer at Insomniac, suggested that their love of VR was key in creating this game, “We are VR players and this was our chance to make this game that we’ve always wanted to play where we have freedom of movement and agency. We love the experimentation that comes along with… the challenge of exploring new game mechanics. It’s huge for us. Those eureka moments we have along the way give us the same kind of sense of wonder we’re trying to deliver to the player.”

Stormland is set for release on June 7th on Oculus.

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