While Neill Blomkamp is currently attached to direct a reboot of Robocop, a recent social media post is leading some to believe that he’s teasing his involvement with a remake of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Check out the cryptic post below:

Naturally, the Skeletor image had fans going crazy asking if Blomkamp was involved with a He-Man project – but, so far, Blomkamp has remained quiet. There was a murmur of a He-Man reboot not so long ago, but since that time, there’s been no more updates.

He-Man blends together the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy – and while we know Blomkamp has a talent for sci-fi, we’re yet to see him tackle fantasy in his films. There is however, an interesting link between He-Man and Blomkamp (prior to this post) as his last film, Chappie has an interesting Masters of the Universe reference:

This post could well mean nothing, but it has got fans interested in a Masters of the Universe reboot, especially one with Blomkamp at the helm. More when (if) we have it.

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