The 1994, neo-noir superhero movie The Crow (directed by Alex Proyas) is famously known for being the set of one of the most tragic accidents in cinema history. While working on a scene, Brandon Lee (son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee) was killed in a freak firearms accident – an accident which rocked the film community. The film was finished posthumously with the use of a stunt double and special effects but the tragedy surrounding it meant that, even in a decade where no film is sacred from remake, many people did not expect to hear that The Crow is being resurrected. And even if they did, the manner of resurrection is, admittedly, a little odd.

the crow brandon lee

One might ask what has drawn one of the most cheerful, charismatic young men in Hollywood to the remaking of The Crow but the interest of Jason Momoa (known for his role in Stargate: Atlantis, Game of Thrones and as upcoming star of Aquaman and Justice League co-star) has added new life to the idea. After just saving themselves from outright bankruptcy, Relativity Media is attempting to helm the project, which might lead one to believe that perhaps “The Curse of The Crow” isn’t completely without merit; as the bankruptcy left the remake on the shelf for a long time prior to Momoa’s interest.

the crow comparison

With a relatively inexperienced director like Corin Hardy attached to the movie, The Crow could be another in a very long line of disappointing reboots, especially considering its passionate cult following. However, Momoa’s passion could be its saving grace. One can easily see how he would physically fit the role, but with other comic-book commitments already on the horizon with DC, it’s surprising to hear that Momoa is allegedly so keen to get The Crow into flight. The question is; is it a loving homage to a cult favourite or distasteful disaster?

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