It’s coming up to that time of the year when the overload of food, drinks, crazy office parties, frozen festivities and tinsel and glitter that gets everywhere is looming overhead. On the big day itself, once youve gorged on enough food to put down ten Jason Statham’s and are having a food baby with him, it’ll be time to unwind in front of the TV to see a seasonal film or two. And after that? Likely sleep until New Years Eve.

Growing up seasonal films were a prerequisite part of the holiday season. The run up to the main day and after are filled with many classic movies, from today and yesteryear, and repeats of much loved shows. They are every bit as important to ‘Festivus’ as faith, gifts and stuffing.

The SBOC team are a diverse group of talented creatives and without the films that made them they wouldn’t be who they were – or have survived the season without them. So here are their favourite Christmas films and why.


Die Hard (Daniel, Chris and Deano)
“It’s just not Christmas until you’ve seen a cop in a dirty vest, crawling through the air vent of a LA high-rise skyscraper and trying to kill a bunch of German terrorists on Christmas Eve. It’s cinematic perfection from Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, producer Joel Silver and director John McTiernan” – Chris

Home Alone (Steven)
“What more could you want from a Christmas film? It’s got laughs, action and a sweet story too. It has to be seen ever year without fail”.

Jingle All the Way (Deano)
“…it’s the perfect escape movie. The fact that it includes one of Hollywood’s greatest action heroes is an emphasis and metaphor in its self to not take life too seriously, to sit back, relax and let Arnold Schwarzenegger handle the stress of Christmas without the need for firearms or explosives.”

The Snowman (Natasha)
“It’s a classic seasonal family movie with all the magical things thaf children love to see. These days kids (in our country) don’t get to see or build a real snowman much. The music is so calming and magical and it all comes together so well. It’s perfect for a Christmas evening in front of the fire.”

Scrooged (Daniel)
When pressed for an answer as to why it’s his favourite Christmas movie our chiefs answer was short and heartfelt:
“Bill Murray. Bill Murray being a complete bastard. Also, it’s a weird take on the classic redemption story.”
He’s a man of few words and a just mind.

Trading Places (Chris)
“Along with ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and ‘Die Hard’ Trading Places is a perfect film for the season. It’s one of those Christmas films you automatically love for the comedic performances and the wise message at the end. Dan Ayckroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy, Denholm Elliot and, then rising star, Eddie Murphy are flawless here. My brother and I would watch it on repeat and eventually know all the dialogue and delivery of each line to a ‘t’. That’s how much we love it. It’s a brilliant reworking of the Prince and the Pauper tale, against a seasonal backdrop. Another timeless classic.”

Gremlins (Brett)
“Gremlins is the perfect schlock of the season – echoing the holiday’s ancient essence. Christmas is the time where you hold dearly onto your loved ones and celebrate another year together against the odds. After your neighbourhood gets turned into a war zone by little green rubber delinquents, you damn well count those blessings.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Josie and Rhys)
“I love this film. It reminds me of my first Christmas when I learnt about what makes it special and important. Also the music is bangin'” – Josie

Muppets Christmas Carol (Lucy and Tiffany)
The Muppets Christmas Carol encapsulates the excitement that we all have as children for every special Christmas – it’s about cuddling up with your closest family with characters that put a smile on everyone’s face and a song in everyone’s heart. It’s the classic Scrooge story of Christmas with a family friendly twist. Everything that needs to be said is said the best in the film’s own words: Keep Christmas in your heart all the year, because when you do your best for love, it feels like Christmas.” – Tiffany

The Muppets Christmas Carol is a timeless and touching retelling of a classic that appeals to both the adult and the child in you, with wonderful songs that fill you with Christmas spirit without making you want to tear your hair out with obtrusive seasonal references. This film reminds you of what really matters at Christmas – it’s not what you have, but who.” – Lucy


Polar Express (Sarah and Rayhaan)
“It’s just full of fun and adventure and reminds people why we believe in the sweet but ridiculous idea of Santa! It makes you feel all happy and excited for the season.”

Rise of the Guardians (Amir)
“Heroes uniting with children to fight bad guys is inspirational to all imaginative and creative children out there. The movie uses adult themes as betrayal and being evil and makes a good family orientated film uniting various holiday season characters as heroes to catch a likeness from everyone as everyone has their own favourite holiday, be it Christmas or Easter.”

Charlie Brown Christmas Special (Ken)
This Special represented the start of the Christmas season, which began from my earliest childhood memory to present day. I still watch it about 5 days before Christmas (give or take a day) whether it’s from abroad, online or when I am back at my mom’s house.

Mary Poppins (Jamie)
Mary Poppins was always shown at Christmas when I was growing up as a kid so when it was on telly you knew it was Christmas.
Best. Reason. Ever.

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