It will be the fight of the century…again!

Two former heavyweights. One a steroid-enhanced Ruskie, trained by a cluster of abusive trainers, managed by Gorbachev’s personal friend, and married to one of the Alphabet killers — wait…wrong movie on that last point — it’s Ivan… Drago!

The other is the Italian Stallion, the Philadelphia south-paw, the puncher of frozen dead cow carcasses, owner of downtown eaterie ‘Adrian’s‘, and he slurs his words…it’s Rocky… Balboa!


Ref, he keeps staring at me.

Yep, you read that right. Sylvester Stallone wants Rocky Balboa to go toe-to-toe again with Ivan Drago in the sequel to Creed. And what a deserving fight it will be. After Balboa’s beating of Drago in Rocky IV we can only imagine what condition the poor guy is in. He’s had plenty of time to lick his wounds, retrain and get back into shape for the fight to end all fights. And here’s us hoping that after they knocked each other out two ways from Sunday, they parted ways, gave each other Christmas presents and went home for Borscht and a dry Turkey leg.

Let’s face it, just like The Hoff’s music told people to pull the Berlin Wall down, Rocky’s words of peace between the politically warring countries ended the Cold War. True story. Check the history books.

The one aspect that we are all aching to see is not the brutal knocks and beats that each combatant will bring but the awesome soft rock ballads used in the training montages that made the Rocky films so great and got us all pumped up. Alas, this is Creed’s film and like before it’ll feature more modern, urban music to move to. What a waste of a ‘Survivor’ track.


You’re in my spot.

One thing to note is that in Creed Rocky was diagnosed with cancer so this bout could be between Apollo’s son and Drago’s tyke instead. It all remains to be seen.

Creed 2 is set for release sometime in 2018.

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