J.J.-of-all-trades can’t get enough of space drama, as while he is currently working on Star Wars: Episode IX – and producing the as-yet untitled third Cloverfield instalment, Westworld, 11.22.63, and Castle RockJ.J. Abrams is also working on a new original series.

As a writer who traditionally tells his stories in an untraditional manner, creating mysteries that make the audience think, while also infusing them with a sense of wonder, it’s no surprise that Abrams’ newest TV offering appears to be just as nuanced and mysterious as his previous offerings.

The Hollywood Reporter has stated that Abrams’ untitled drama is about a family of scientists, mother, father, and daughter, who are in a terrible car crash. When the mother falls into a coma, it pushes her daughter to throw herself into her experiments, which leads to father and daughter being transported to another world, amidst a battle against a “monstrous, oppressive force.”

So far, HBO, Warner Bros. Television and Apple are reportedly interested in the series, which is currently only at the spec-script stage.

Clearly not a man for down-time, Abrams has also announced his work on an original HBO series – also set in space. The series, Glare, revolves around the colonisation of another planet. Though Javier Gullón is attached as a writer on the project, there has been little other news on the project since its announcement.

Given Abrams massive success in the Science Fiction genre, news of another project coming from the director is certainly exciting, however it does leave us wondering whether Abrams may be spreading himself too thin with so many projects on the go.

More on this new series when we have it.

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