Despite mixed reviews about the original, many have been working on new takes on the sci-fi movie, Jumper. And now, Jamie Bell (who appeared in the original film) and director Julian Simpson, who has previously worked on Doctor Who, are developing a TV reboot around the concept.

The film, which starred Hayden Christensen, consisted of lead character David discovering he has the ability to teleport, before quickly finding himself stuck in a fight between those with the same abilities and the people who seek to eliminate them. Loosely adapted from Steven Gould’s novel, the story saw David seek out others like him, including Bell’s character Griffin O’Connor.

This is not the only Jumper continuation out there at the moment, as the original movie’s director, Doug Liman is attached to an adaptation of another of Gould’s novels – Impulse.

And while there is no news of what path this new Jumper show will take, or whether Bell will reprise his role as Griffin O’Connor, it already has the support of production houses, New Regency and Lionsgate.

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