Jamie Foxx has been confirmed to be starring in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn film.

Variety has today revealed that McFarlane’s Spawn has found its star in the form of award-winning actor, Jamie Foxx. McFarlane, who created thee original comic is on board to write and direct the project, and will work alongside producer Jason Blum for Blumhouse Productions.

The character of Spawn first appeared in comics back in 1992, and gained a massive following almost instantly. In 1997, New Line adapted the character for the big screen, with Michael Jai White in the leading role, but the film was not well-received, being widely panned by critics. So, understandably, when HBO had a try, they decided to go down the classic route of an animated series, which ran for three seasons and managed to pick up two Emmy Awards.

In the comics, Spawn is a near-immortal human-turned-Hellspawn who possesses superhuman strength and speed, with the ability to heal, teleport and shapeshift.

Hopefully, Foxx will be able to do a far better job in the role of Spawn than he did as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which many felt was something of a poor performance for the Oscar-winner.

More on Spawn when we have it.

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