Jamie Lee Curtis has begun filming on Halloween (2018), as a photo from the set of the Blumhouse-produced horror shows.

Throwing out all of the reboots and sequels that followed the original over the years, Halloween (2018) is choosing to view only the original movie as canon. Getting back to basics, and bringing back all fans loved about the franchise, Curtis is reprising her iconic role of Laurie Strode, the original Michael Myers (Nick Castle) is back, and John Carpenter will create the score for the new instalment.

Curtis shared a set photo to commemorate the first day of filming on the new film, with the original Halloween 1978 slate marker, accompanied by the message: “First shot! First day. Same slate. Same Laurie.”

The actress has been the main source of information surrounding the new instalment, taking to Twitter to announce her involvement in the production by sharing a photo of herself and Michael Myers. Since that, she has also posted additional pictures alongside her infamous masked co-star, as well as some images of her preparing to play Laurie again, including a trip to the shooting range.

Details on the film’s plot are scarce, however it promises to be a lot more subdued than the more recent Halloween instalments – the goal being to move away from the overly gruesome death scenes and violence, to instead focus on the tension and feeling of impending doom which made the original so popular.

The film should wrap in time for its scheduled October release date, with David Gordon Green as director, sharing a writing credit with Danny McBride. Starring alongside Curtis will be Will Patton as a police officer, and Andi Matichak joining as Laurie Strode’s granddaughter.

Halloween (2018) is set for release on October 19th.

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