Just as you thought the festive period was winding down PlayStation grant us a few more gifts to tie us over to the new year. This time in the form of 2 huge triples A titles and a few smaller indie gems including a new PSVR title!

To kick things off PlayStation 4 users are getting the excellent Deus Ex Mankind Divided, a fantastic game that I would say slipped under most people’s radars this year. The game which is a direct sequel to the equally brilliant Human Revolution of 2011 sees you once again control Adam Jenson as he attempts to rid the world of corruption once again. The game heavily focuses on variation allowing scenarios to be approached In multiple different ways which make for not only near endless replay value but also a truly open experience. Mankind Divided is easily the best game on offer this month and the great thing about that is it’s being given to you for free!

Telltale’s Batman is the other big PlayStation 4 game we are being gifted this holiday season, this take on Batman focuses not only letting you play as Batman himself but as Bruce Wayne as well. While the core Telltale adventure formula is still there, that doesn’t mean what your getting is anything like you’ve seen before. There’s plenty of politics, important decisions and of course Batman action to enjoy, it’s the perfect remedy if you were disappointed with Batman’s previous few outings. It’s also the best Telltale game we’ve had over the past few years and with the new season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to pick up this wonderful first season.


PlayStation wasn’t content with just giving you those 2 fantastic titles they’re also giving you an extra two bonus titles in the shape of StarBlood Arena (For PSVR) and That’s You! (for Play link). Starblood Arena is a VR game that sees you “Test your mettle in furious arena combat as you move, evade, and attack in any direction against pilots from every corner of the galaxy”. While That’s You! Sees you and your friends answer varying questions, doodle images and try and find the funniest way to solve a problem. Whats best about That’s You is it uses Playlink a new tool which allows you to play together all through one copy of the game and by using everyone’s phones meaning you don’t need a huge amass of controllers to play together (perfect for the holiday period).


PlayStation 3 users, however, get the Huge open RPG Sacred 3 and The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 a hilarious comedy Point and click adventure game. Vita owners are getting Psycho Pass- Mandatory Happiness a visual novel by the developer of Steins Gate and Uncanny Valley a pixelated survival horror game which sees you take on a creepy isolated facility.

All of these games are completely free and will be available to all PS Plus users on January 2nd, which leaves you just under a week to pick up Decembers free games before they disappear. Make sure you head over to the PlayStation Blog for more details on each game and be sure to check back next month for more PS Plus goodies.

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