Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back star Jason Mewes has said that the script for Kevin Smith’s reboot that sees Mewes and Smith reprise their roles is “amazing” and “super clever”.

The stoner duo, Jay and Silent Bob, first appeared in Kevin Smith’s debut film Clerks – an indie movie about the goings-on in a New Jersey convenience store – and have made appearances in many of Smith’s subsequent films. They also featured in Smith’s Chasing Amy, where it was revealed that the duo had inspired a superhero comicbook named Bluntman and Chronic.

In 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the duo learned that Hollywood was planning to make a movie centring around Bluntman and Chronic, and so they set out on a road trip to stop it from happening. And, in true reboot fashion, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will recycle the same story – though this time Hollywood is setting up the two heroes as enemies, in reference to Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman.

Speaking to ComicBook, Jason Mewes gushed about the quality of Smith’s script for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot:

“I’ve read the script, and it’s amazing and it’s super clever. It’s called Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it’s Jay and Bob making fun of reboots. It’s funny — a couple of people have asked me, ‘are you guys even playing the characters if it’s a reboot?’ It’s not really a reboot, Kevin called it Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and it’s us making fun of reboots, but the script’s awesome. It’s very funny.”

Mewes unsurprisingly gave little detail about the project, but he did let slip that Smith is trying to get back many of celebrities who made cameos in Strike Back – which included the likes of Mark Hamill as supervillain Cocknocker and Ben Affleck as Chasing Amy’s Holden McNeil, co-creator of Bluntman and Chronic. And while Affleck has appeared in all of the films in Smith’s ‘View Askewniverse’ – would he be willing to appear in a film that is so obviously making fun of his own?

Smith has stated that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will begin filming this autumn.

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