Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, has confirmed that the upcoming Justice League movie will have a post-credits scene.

Traditionally, the DCEU’s films have not included post-credits scenes like their box office rival, Marvel, whose credits can include three nuggets of upcoming movies, at most. The only DCEU release that has indulged in this trend has been Suicide Squad, which saw an Amanda Waller/Bruce Wayne meeting, which set up the concept of Justice League.

Now, it has been confirmed that Justice League will also include a post-credits scene. During an interview with BBC Radio 2, Jason Momoa was asked whether audiences needed to stick around for the credits, to which he said:

“They do, they do. You’ve gotta sit through the whole thing and go through the credits… I forgot that it was in the script. It’s fantastic.”

Obviously, the actor stopped short of revealing anything about the scene, but given the abundance of fan theories surrounding the film, there are a lot of interesting directions in which the scene could go. Aside from an obvious Flashpoint tease, one possibility is that we might get our first glimpse of Green Lantern. Some fans have speculated that the hero would be appearing in Justice League itself, however, if this isn’t the case, a post-credits scene would be the perfect way of introducing the absentee League member ahead of the Green Lantern Corps. movie.

However, there is another theory that speculates that we might see Darkseid being outed as the true villain of the piece, much like how we saw Thanos controlling Loki in Avengers. Again, if this isn’t explored in the main story arc, a post-credits appearance from the infamous DC villain would inject some much-needed excitement into the franchise.

Justice League hits cinemas on November 17th.

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