Since the announcement of Doctor Who’s Christmas Special being the end of twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi’s run, rumours have been swirling of seemingly immortal companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) may be making a guest return to say farewell to the Doctor.

It is now being reported that Jenna Coleman has at least been approached to make a cameo – and even Capaldi himself is hinting at his former companion’s return.

Speaking at San Francisco Comic Con this weekend during a Doctor Who panel, Capaldi was asked by a young fan if we would be seeing Clara again – to which Capaldi carefully considered his words, before replying: “I think you may.”

Pausing, he went on to say: “I’LL see her again. You may see her again too. But I won’t tell. It’d spoil things. You may see her. She’s still there. Everyone in Doctor Who is still there.”

Of course, Capaldi could have been speaking generally, not ruling out Coleman’s return. But given the context of his comments, it wouldn’t be a huge leap to think that he was perhaps dropping hints to an eager audience about this year’s Christmas special.


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