Actress Jessica Chastain is in talks to star in the upcoming sequel to last year’s horror hit, IT, as the adult version of Beverly.

There have been months of speculation on who would be taking on the adult roles of the Losers Club, and when the cast were asked who they would like to see, Sophia Lillis, who plays Beverly Marsh in the first film was quick to name Chastain. This, in turn, led to the internet blowing up with demands for the sequel to cast Chastain as the lone girl in the club.

As Warner Bros. has set sights on September 2019 as the sequel’s release date, filming would ideally begin this summer, so the casting for Chapter 2 is likely to be confirmed in the coming weeks. Now, according to Variety, Chastain may be the first of the newcomers to sign on.

Variety’s source was insistent that negotiations are still ongoing between the actress and the studio, but given that director Andy Muschietti, as well as Chastain herself are very interested in this casting becoming a reality, it’s probably safe to say that it won’t be long until a deal is finalised.

The report also gives a good idea of how far along in the development process IT: Chapter 2 actually is. Though the script is still a work in progress, and Andy Muschietti and Pennywise star Bill Skarsgård haven’t officially signed to return, both are expected to reprise their respective roles.

So, with one member of the Losers Club cast, who do you think should play the other members? Let us know in the comments!

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