The newly released trailer for Jessica Jones Season 2 shows Jessica searching for answers about her past, after her outing with the Defenders.

Jessica Jones’ first season is one of Marvel’s most highly-praised television outings, and now, over two years later, the wait for more solo action from the heroine is almost over.

The synopsis for Season 2 teased that we would see Jessica digging into her own past in order to discover more about herself, as well as a new threat she must face. However, the first trailer for the upcoming season didn’t go into any more detail than the synopsis. Now, this new story-based trailer gives us a little more insight as to what we can expect.

Netflix debuted the second trailer today, which focuses largely on Jessica’s origins, and how she gained her abilities. Establishing intrigue early on, a killer on the loose in New York means Jessica will be tasked with another investigation, to bring down whoever is responsible.

As well as the trailer, Vulture released a new poster for Season 2:

Jessica Jones 2 poster

This season choosing to focus on what happened to Jessica before she became a hero isn’t really a surprise, as her ties to IGH was season one’s biggest unsolved mystery. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg seems to have tasked herself with fully exploring this origin story, whilst raising more questions and mysteries in the process. Plus, with Jessica being in over her head, Trish (Rachael Taylor) asks her to consider a sidekick, perhaps indicating that Trish will take on the Hellcat persona which set photos have hinted at.

The biggest question this trailer leaves us with is what or who is the threat which Jessica faces. With no word on the season’s villain, but a teaser of Kilgrave’s (David Tennant) limited return, we’ll just have to speculate until the show returns next month.

Jessica Jones Season 2 premieres on Netflix on March 8th.

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