Marvel’s favourite smart-mouthed private investigator is coming back, and the release of a teaser trailer has revealed the date of Jessica Jones’ return to Netflix.

The award-winning series made the announcement by sharing the video on Twitter. At only 55 seconds, we don’t get a lot of information on the new season’s story, however, it shows the investigator-turned-superhero “getting back to unfinished business.”

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is starting to put her life back together after murdering tormentor, Kilgrave. Now known as a superpowered killer, a new case leaves her to reluctantly confront who she is, whilst also digging deeper into her past in order to explore the reasons why.

Ritter is joined by returning cast members Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker), Carrie-Anne Moss (Jeri Hogarth), Eka Darville (Malcolm Ducasse) and several newcomers including Janet McTeer and J.R. Ramirez.

All 13 episodes of the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones will come to Netflix on March 8th, 2018.

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