With a budget of around $55 million, the Joker prequel film which is rumoured to star Joaquin Phoenix, is reportedly due to begin filming this September.

There are no less than six films featuring the Joker in development, there is one that fans are particularly excited to see, and that is the prequel film that is set to tackle the Joker’s backstory as a failed comedian, likely drawing from Alan Moore’s hugely successful graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke.

Director of the Hangover trilogy, Todd Phillips, will be directing and co-writing with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Scott Silver (The Fighter), while legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be co-producing the feature. Oscar-nominee Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly playing the lead role, although it’s yet to be officially confirmed.

Omega Underground has reported that the cameras are set to start rolling in New York City this September. It was originally set to begin filming in May, so they aren’t too far off schedule, and though the budget is smaller than most comic adaptations, anticipation remains high.

The story will be set in the ‘80s and will not be a part of the DCEU, but will kick off the separate movie label potentially named DC Dark or DC Black – personally, if they’re going down that road, I recommend DC Noir. Just saying.

More on Phillips’ Joker film when we have it.

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