Many years after his last fight against DIO, Jotaro Kujo is back for new adventures with the young Josuke Higashikata. In the coastal town of Morioh, they face a dangerous new enemy: Yoshikage Kira and his stand Deadly Queen.

New characters will enter the arena with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s 4th arc Diamond is Unbreakable! Joining the story are Josuke Higashikata and his allies Shigekiyo Yangu, Koichi Hirose, Rohan Kishibe, Yukako Yamagishi, Okuyasu Nijimura; who will fight against Yoshikage Kira, supported by Akira Otoishi and Kosaku Kawajiri. As usual, all these characters will come with their own unique stands for epic fights set in the Town of Morioh and Cape Poyoyon!

An online mode will also be featured in the game and will provide players with an additional fighting experience. On top of 2V2 fights, a co-op mode is also planned and will allow fans to team up and fight against CPUs or against other players. New missions, new costumes and new items will be unlocked as players take part in various bouts.

Be prepared, the fight begins on 1st July 2016 in Europe on PS4 from Bandai Namco Entertainment.
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