A collection of photos have made their way online, showing Gotham actor Cameron Monaghan on the set of Season 4 in what appears to be Joker-style makeup.

Like anything Batman-related, there has been conversation around the emergence of the Joker since the first episode of Gotham aired back in 2014, and since he joined the show, Monaghan’s Jerome has been the prime candidate to become the clown prince. However, both the actor and the show’s producers claiming that Jerome is NOT the Joker, but that he will have a surprising connection to the villain, these new pictures could shed a little light on the situation.

The show has said far too much about Jerome not being the iconic villain that it would be impossible to backtrack on that comment – however Gotham Hub has shared a collection of photos that seem to show that Monaghan will be playing some version of the character.

Wearing a wide-brimmed fedora, with white skin and bright lips, Gotham’s Joker appears to be a cross between Jack Nicholson’s 1989 version, and Batman: The Animated Series’ Mr. J. The photos show Jerome and a gang of followers causing trouble for the GCPD, and it seems that Gotham’s take on the character (be it the actual Joker or not) is far more sleek and stylish than ever before.

There are a few theories going around about what this could mean for the character, however, the most prevalent one is that Jerome Valeska has been replaced by the “real” Joker, killed off in order for the real villain to take over Gotham’s criminal empire. This isn’t as outlandish as it sounds, as the comics have already explored the idea of multiple Jokers, and imposters to the title.

Gotham’s Season 4 finale is entitled “No Man’s Land” which could mean us seeing an adaptation of the acclaimed comicbook storyline from 1999, and so the Joker’s arrival would help set the stage for Season 5 of the show.

Do you think Gotham is soon to see the arrival of Mr. J? Let us know in the comments!

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