If this concept art is anything to go by, Joseph Khan’s Justice League Dark pitch had all the makings of a great superhero movie. Something which, despite the success of Wonder Woman, DC is still in desperate need of.

Warner Bros. recently showed off a film slate of new titles at CCXP that promises several new films, one of which is Justice League Dark, an ensemble superhero film which would introduce more mystical elements to the extended universe. And while Warner Bros. has repeatedly shown an interest in the film, as-yet nothing has come of the idea.

Justice League Dark has seen many directors come and go, and at this point is still searching for a new one. The last update saw Gerard Johnstone join as writer, and even with his refinement, the roster of characters still includes Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan – and if Khan had his pitch approved, it would have featured a pretty stellar cast.

Khan recently released concept art from a pitch he gave to Warner Bros. two years ago for Justice League Dark. The art includes all of the aforementioned characters – along with Khan’s wishful casting choices. Shared on his Twitter, the art (below) features Dan Stevens as John Constantine, Natalie Dormer as Zatanna, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Jason Blood a.k.a. Etrigan the Demon – as well as an early animation test for Swamp Thing.

It’s unclear as to what type of film that Khan pitched to Warner Bros. but this art certainly looks promising. And while these actors ultimately wouldn’t be guaranteed for the film (since Stevens has signed on for Legion, and Ejiofor joined Doctor Strange) Warner Bros. could ultimately revisit Khan’s idea depending on the response to these images.

The director is currently working on promoting his new film, Bodied, which has received a lot of critical praise. A small film, it wouldn’t initially lead you to think that he could take on a big blockbuster – but some of the biggest superhero blockbusters of recent years have come from indie directors.

Justice League Dark is on DC’s future slate, so whether they return to Khan’s ideas or not, we should find out more about the project soon.

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