Josh Brolin is pulling a Chris Evans and playing two Marvel characters on the big screen – while playing Cable in Deadpool 2 – he is currently playing Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

In a recent interview with EW, Brolin talked about his experience filming Avengers: Infinity War:

“I love doing Avengers, it’s maybe the most fun I’ve ever had. I just saw a little snippet of it, and it was amazing. The cutting-edge technology of what they’re doing — what I’ve seen is absolutely mind-blowing. When I saw it on screen, it was me, but also not like me. It’s really strange.”

He also mentioned that the footage screened at SDCC this year doesn’t compare to the newer, more polished version he has seen:

“Not even close. What they saw is not even close.”

So, given that fans were completely bowled over by the Infinity War footage they saw at SDCC, stating that it ‘was like nothing we’ve seen so far in the MCU’ and Brolin’s insisted that that footage was not even close to the finished product, this is shaping up to be Marvel’s biggest movie to date.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released April 27th 2018 (UK) and May 4th 2018 (US).


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