roy bright

As the title suggests this book is about Judas Iscariot, the guy who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver from The Bible. Well doing this kind of thing pissed God off who cursed Judas so he would walk the earth forever an immortal which would be ok but he is bound by one rule.

Judas can never find love raise a family or use the wealth he has acquired of his very long life. Made to live alone with no human contact has pushed him to breaking point. Then while living, he is told by Metatron that God has a job for him. All he has to do is protect a six year old girl for three days as she is set to be the light the savior of mankind.

This seems straight forward but the problem is that Lucifer wants the child to absorb her soul so he can leave Hell and make Earth his new Kingdom.

Judas is not completely alone in his task, he has help in the form of Police detective, Gray Cross, a recovering alcoholic and Abi Colter, an actress turned escort.

All in all I enjoyed this book, it was well paced and the main characters were well written and developed over the course of the story. The use of flashbacks to show the lead up to the betrayal and his reason were well thought out and gives a different angle on the story. I hope in the future the author, Roy Bright will follow up this title and make it into a series.

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