The latest trailer for Just Cause 4 highlights the amazing capabilities of the game’s engine – the Apex Engine. Avalanche Studios games always use this engine, which has been massively improved for the new game.

Avalanche Studios is a video game developer with a reputation for making open world sandbox games designed for high replayability, as well as the Just Cause franchise which combines this open world exploration with destruction.

This newly-released trailer focuses on the Apex Engine and what it can do for Just Cause 4. The video explains it “can handle pretty much anything that you want to throw at it” including “crazy physics, dynamic weather patterns, and brand-new terrain.”

As well as this, we get to see how the game’s graphics have improved since the last Just Cause game, and learn about some of the game’s latest features.

The Just Cause series has always been designed with physics and destruction in mind, but the latest instalment saw Apex “rebuilt from the group up” due to the game’s emphasis on weather, which was highlighted in the reveal trailer that saw protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, driving into a tornado.

However, tornadoes aren’t the limit of crazy weather, as it was revealed at E3 2018 that the game has four different environments, each with their own kind of natural disaster – so along with tornadoes Rico will be tackling sandstorms, blizzards, and forked lightning. Plus, Rico will also be able to do twice the damage he has in previous games, launching enemies, vehicles, and other objects into the air with his new toys.

With this many improvements and additions made to Just Cause 4, it’s easy to see why the Apex Engine needed a serious upgrade – and why Avalanche wanted to share these changes with fans.

Just Cause 4 is set for release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on December 4th.

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