San Diego Comic Con, 2015. Zack Snyder debuts Batman vs Superman to tremendous hype. Come SDCC 2016, DC has left something of a sour taste in the mouth of its fans. However, it seems that the disappointment of BvS has paved the way for the company to come back fighting with the new trailer for the Justice League film, set for 2017 release.

The trailer opens with a bearded Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), talking to a room of villagers about a mysterious stranger who comes on the tide bearing fish, in the winter when it’s likely they would starve. This stranger, as many would expect, is none other than Aquaman himself, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa). This is the point where the Batman takes on the role of DC’s Nick Fury – ‘he’s looking for the stranger and others like him … building an alliance to protect us’. This continues with a small montage of Bruce appearing in darkened rooms to ask others to join his super team. We get our first real look at Ezra Miller’s The Flash, who does well to emulate the classic character, injecting some humour into his performance. However, during this trailer, we see woefully little of newcomer Cyborg (Ray Fisher), other than the odd shot of him both as Victor Stone and Cyborg in full suit.

Though the dark filters remain, our first look into the film provides us with something that has been sorely missing from DC’s previous films – humour. Whereas Marvel has found a balance between the light and the dark, and upcoming Suicide Squad seems to have planted itself firmly into the ‘we’re crazy and we love it’ field – DC’s heroes have always had a brooding darkness to their stories which, while hitting the action mark, has left viewers a little bored by the constant downers.

However, one thing’s for sure, the release of the trailer has spoiled just a little of the mystery – naming actors Henry Cavill and Jared Leto in the bio – so it looks like Superman may have survived after all, and chances are the Justice league will be getting a visit from a crazy clown.

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