Early reports of Justice League say that after Joss Whedon’s reshoots, the film is 50 minutes shorter than it was.

When Joss Whedon took the reins on Justice League, following Zack Snyder’s sudden departure, the director immediately embarked on extensive reshoots, leading many to believe that the former Marvel director was making major changes to the tone of the film. However, a new report has indicated that Whedon may have actually spent most of this time cutting out large parts of the movie.

Earlier in the year, it was reported that Justice League would be the longest-running DC movie, coming in at a hefty 170 minutes. At the time DC producer Geoff Johns mocked the rumour, but did not deny it – in any case, it was way too early for a final cut, and therefore the runtime was bound to change.

Now, reports are coming in from multiple cinema chains in the US, that say the runtime of the film has dropped to just 121 minutes, the shortest of any DCEU movie to date, despite packing in more characters than we have seen before.

This has left fans wondering whether, instead of being long and drawn-out, the film will now feel rushed, as the studio tries to cram several new characters and a team assembly (as well as a miraculous return from the dead) into a much shorter timeframe than they have dealt with before.

Justice League hits cinemas on November 17th.

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