Based on the critically acclaimed 2008 limited series from Image Comics of the same name, I Kill Giants tells the story of Barbara Thorson, a young girl looking for escapism through a world of fantasy.

The graphic novel, written by Joe Kelly, with art from J.M. Ken Niimura, was picked up by Treehouse Pictures back in 2015, with Madison Wolfe, star of The Conjuring 2, signing on to play Barbara. The impressive cast also includes Zoe Saldana as school counsellor Mrs. Mollé, and Imogen Poots as Barbara’s older sister, and so it is no surprise that fans have been eagerly awaiting a glimpse at the Anders Walter-helmed project.

Finally, it seems the wait is over, as the first full trailer for I Kill Giants has now been released, showing some of the finished product, and the blur between Barbara’s worlds of fantasy and reality have been realised. An interesting take on magic realism, the story explores the relationships between Barbara and those closest to her, as well as the mythical beasts themselves.

Clearly, director Anders Walter has worked to ensure that the film will be a real visual spectacle, however what will make or break the film is whether Walter is able to successfully translate the characters to the big screen, as it was this that originally earned the graphic novel its acclaim.

I Kill Giants is set for release on March 23rd.

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