“Behind every plot is a mastermind”

Goodbye ice, hello fire.

Game of Thrones season 7 has just ended, and the explosive action doesn’t end there for Kit Harington, as the BBC has released their first teaser for new miniseries Gunpowder, which chronicles the infamous Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot.

Knowing the Jon Snow actor’s current popularity, the BBC made the wise decision to release the trailer accompanied by the first teaser photo of Kit Harington in his role as masterming Robert Catesby (who is, remarkably, Harington’s actual ancestor) committed Warwickshire Catholic at the time when Protestant England persecuted the church’s members.


Star-studded to say the least, fellow Game of Thrones actor Mark Gatiss will be play King James’ spymaster Robert Cecil, with star of The Leftovers Liv Tyler will play Catesby’s ‘concerned cousin, Anne Vaux.’ And with Orphan Black’s Tom Cullen playing Guy Fawkes himself, and Trainspotting’s Peter Mullan as peacefully protesting lead Jesuit Father Garnet, this promises to be an incredible series.

The BBC also released a brief synopsis of the series:

“Set in 1605, the historical drama is based around British radical Fawkes and a group of provincial English Catholics who attempted to blow up the House of Lords in UK Parliament and kill King James I in order to help restore a Catholic to the crown. The attempted plot, or Gunpowder Plot as its known, was foiled on November 5 when authorities at Westminster Palace found Fawkes guarding the explosives. To this day, Brits celebrate Guy Fawkes Night every year on November 5 with a fireworks display and by burning his effigy on a bonfire.”

The series, developed by Ronan Bennett, Harington and Daniel West (with Bennett writing and J. Blakeson directing) has no premiere date as-yet, but will air this autumn.

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