Fox has paired up director Tim Miller with comicbook writing legend Brian Michael Bendis on the upcoming Kitty Pryde movie.

In January, fans were surprised to learn that Fox was setting out to create a movie based on X-Men team member, Kitty Pryde, a.k.a. Shadowcat. This announcement was particularly shocking, given that the studio was in the midst of a deal with Disney to sell the bulk of their movie empire. However, with the purchase now going before the regulators, it’s business as usual, and Fox currently has around 13 X-Men films in development.

According to Deadline, Fox has now hired Brian Michael Bendis to work on the script for Miller’s film. The studio is keeping most details under wraps, however, it has been confirmed that the project is entitled: “143.”

This title is a bit of a giveaway for X-Men fans, as Uncanny X-Men #143 was a very important issue for the character’s early development. The light horror issue saw a young Kitty alone in the X-Mansion, hunted by a demonic N’Garai – which perhaps gives a little insight into what the proposed story could include.

Bendis is no stranger to the character, as he was the lead writer on X-Men from 2012 to 2015, and Kitty was a major character in his All-New X-Men series, which saw her act as a mentor to the time-displaced original X-Men team. Bendis also wrote Kitty into a romance with Guardians leader, Star-Lord, allowing her to be carried over into Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Given Bendis’ strength at writing young female characters, the story drawing on Uncanny X-Men #143 could be a great chance to explore a young Kitty with an ideal writer at the helm. Should Fox tap into the original comic’s script, it’s likely we’ll see a horror film to rival that of next year’s New Mutants.

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