Ahead of its release on September 5, Knack 2 has received a free PS4 demo which is available to download now from the PlayStation store.

The demo takes you through the game’s monastery levels, which is a tutorial of sorts. Knack 2 follows the 2013 original which release to a somewhat lukewarm reception. It was a PlayStation 4 launch title which was set to make use of the console’s extra processing power. Knack 2 looks set to improve on its predecessor in every way, adding full co-op multiplayer and improved difficulty settings.

Knack 2 mixes elements of platforming, beat-em-up and puzzle solving gameplay to create a unique experience. Players can remove relics from Knack’s body to change his shape, leading to a tonne of level variety.

Sony recently released a new trailer for Knack 2 as part of their pre-E3 coverage. Check it out below to see Knack 2 in action. Knack 2 releases for PlayStation 4 on September 5.

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