Gen Design, the team behind The Last Guardian recently updated their website with some New Year greetings and an image which seems to be teasing their next game.

The image, which can be viewed below, features several design cues reminiscent of The Last Guardian and Ico, both games by designer and founder of Gen Design Fumito Ueda. There’s not a huge amount to glean from this image which shows a woman resting, illuminated by a pillar of light. Beside her is a giant creature of some sort. ResetEra User Rösti trawled through the image’s source code to reveal a layer titled “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s likely that this is just a code name or a placeholder for the project but it does suggest a similar gameplay dynamic to last year’s The Last Guardian.

One thing is for sure, the image evokes the now trademark beauty and style that the studio has cultivated over the years though with The Last Guardian taking 7 years to finally release, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a release any time soon.

Stay tuned for more details on Gen Design’s next game as we get them.


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