Lawbreakers, the hero-shooter from Boss Key Productions launched today and to celebrate, has received a launch trailer which wants to know how skilled its players are. The trailer, which you can watch below, showcases the game’s intense, gravity defying action. It demands that you “Bring your skills” which looks to be absolutely necessary in this mind-blowingly quick shooter.

Lawbreakers take the fundamental laws of physics and throws them out of the window, not before equipping the player with a grappling hook, mind. From game developer Cliffy B who worked on Gears of War comes this fast-paced hero shooter which aims to offer a more visceral experience than games of the same genre. There’s a hint of Titanfall’s wall-running and Unreal Tournament’s gun play to the proceedings with players using knives, lasers, dual-wielded pistols and more to crush their enemies.

Lawbreakers is out now on PS4 and PC.

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