Formerly known as Electrikid, Leo Magus has been featured in NEO magazine, given panel talks at both Cos-Con in Glasgow and DeeCon in Dundee, been a guest judge at both and has an Instagram following of over 20k. A graduate from Delamar Academy of Makeup & Hair with a distinction in prosthetic, Leo talks about where he got started, the skills he’s learned and where he’s taking his brand.


So who is Leo Magus and how did you start cosplaying?
I’m a cosplayer from the UK and I’ve always had a passion for makeup and wigs, I started cosplaying when I was 14 and started off with whatever I could find online, which wasn’t too much. As I began to learn more and I went to makeup school I realised I really liked making wigs, whilst there I also made a prosthetic demon head, my own interpretation of Mephistopheles the demon, which was so much fun to make!
Will that ever come back into your cosplay?
Yeah, I really want to try and work underneath someone, so I can get more experience and then start making my own stuff again, I need to get a bigger oven! But yeah, I make and sell my wigs on my etsy account and I’m starting to make jewellery, so soon enough I’ll start to be able to make custom stuff and fandom jewellery, I’m using proper silver so it’ll be high quality stuff!

So what’s drawn you to cosplay?
It’s a massive combination of all the things I love to do; I love to do makeup, wigs and just being able to be a different character for a day. I love being in character, being able to put your head-space in someone else’s mindset is so much fun, you can just get away from your normal life for a bit and be Noctis, taking photos, posing and just feeling kinda epic!

You’re more the model now! The kind of characters you tend to be drawn to are the crazy, eccentric fan favourites, do you associate with them in some way?
There’s a lot of characters I associate with like Mephisto from Au No Exorcist or Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul. That’s one side I really love where you get to be really eccentric and I can just go around expos in character being fabulous! Then the other side is Noctis and Lelouch which is kind of darker and broody, I feel those are the two sides of me!

You now make everything you do, including the hand painted skulls on your Noctis shirt, but what would you say is the most valuable skill you’ve gained and what advice would you give other cosplayers just starting out?
For me that’s two separate things. The most useful thing I’ve learned is how to weave, making facial hair and the front of wigs as sometimes finding a beard or the right wig is really hard, so being able to make that for myself, and really enjoy it, has really stepped up my cosplay in my own eyes. So now I can make Mepphy’s beard in a day and not have to worry about it, whereas before I knew how to do that I was like “Where am I gonna get a beard?!” When I wanted to do Coran from Voltron there wasn’t a lace front in the right colour, I couldn’t find one anywhere, so I just decided to make it. I can now do it for other people as well, if other people need a beard commissioned, I’m your man!

How do you see Leo Magus expanding? Where would you like this to go?
That’s a hard question! I’d like to expand my skill-set in jewellery, wigs, makeup and trying to sew more. The goal is being able to be artistic and make things that I love and enjoy doing it, but also being able to sell bits to other people. I want to create high-quality stuff, like the rings we were talking about. As well as cosplay I’ve also got another side I’m working on, I’m designing my own tarot cards! But being able to be more artistic and get my stuff out there, building a business around who I am as a cosplayer and what I make is the ultimate goal.

It was great getting to chat to Leo and we look forward to seeing him grow! Below are links to his website, Instagram and etsy shop.

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