Now, this might be a wait-and-see project, but according to Deadline, Lethal Weapon 5 might be happening – with the original team of Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and director Richard Donner returning.

At the moment the project is in the very early stages, with a lot of details needing to be hammered out, and syncing schedules of the stars. Which would have probably been easier back when Mel Gibson wasn’t getting a lot of work, though of course, no one would have really wanted to see it then.

Warner Bros. is very passionate about the idea, and are reportedly looking to bring back Lethal Weapon 4’s Channing Gibson, to work on the new film’s script – almost twenty years after the last instalment. In terms of plot, there isn’t really one at the moment, but no doubt it will involve Riggs and Murtaugh getting into more scrapes.

There’s no date for the film, or any other details in this early stage, so we’ll bring you more on Lethal Weapon 5 when we have it.

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