Disney’s live-action Mulan remake will reportedly feature the original animation’s classic songs, as well as the titular warrior’s guide, Mushu.

Directed by McFarland USA’s Niki Caro, Mulan is shaping up to be one of the Mouse House’s most interesting adaptations so far, having appropriately cast Chinese star Liu Yifei as the titular heroine, as well as recreating some of the animation’s more memorable shots.

However, the film isn’t staying too close to its source material, as Gong Li is playing a brand-new villain, Donnie Yen plays the role of a mentor – and Mulan’s love interest has been changed. But, one major question that remained in the minds of fans – would this adaptation include the classic songs that made Mulan a hit?

According to The Disney Insider, it will.

While the site doesn’t make it clear exactly which tracks will be included, it does seem to confirm that at least some of the movie will be musical. As well as this, the website suggests that the film will also feature spirit dragon of the Fa family, Mushu.

There’s no word on how heavily Mushu might feature in the film, however, so he may well be more of a passing mention rather than an actual character. If he is to feature in the film, there’s no news of who will voice him yet, and Disney haven’t officially announced anything, so we might not know anything for sure until the casting is complete.

Mulan is set for release on March 27th, 2020.

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