After having been announced last year, we haven’t heard much about Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot, however, the release of a new trailer for the series reveals that it will premiere on the streaming service in April.

The lack of information that has come from the set over the last few months suggests that filming was relatively stress-free, and the absence of Lost in Space generating any news has meant that the sudden release of a trailer has come at something of a surprise.

Many found it odd when Netflix announced that they would be making a Lost in Space series, as apart from the cheesy ‘60s series, the last adaptation in the ‘90s which starred Matt LeBlanc, was far from a success. However, it seems that after two decades, television is ready to take another chance on the Robinson family, as they search for another home for humanity. And in all fairness, the first trailer does a pretty good job of setting up the series’ premise.

While a slow-motion shot of the family heading for the spaceship that they will call home isn’t as revealing as we’d like, it does give a good example of the tone the show is going for. It’s crucial that they are able to strike the right balance between danger and adventure, as the show should be about more than just one family’s survival.

Lost in Space Season 1, will premiere on Netflix on April 13th.

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