Focus Home Interactive has released a new trailer for Call of Cthulhu, a mysterious horror that questions the very nature of sanity.

When H.P. Lovecraft wrote of Cthulhu, it’s doubtful that he would have realised that elements of his horror would remain popular almost a century later, but Call of Cthulhu reinvigorates those original ideas for the digital age.

In the game, the player will take on the role of Edward Pierce, a 1920s private investigator as he ventures to Darkwater Island in order to investigate the murder of the Hawkins family. Soon after his arrival, however, Pierce realises that there’s far more to the dark and lonely island than he first thought, and strange creatures lurk in the shadows, ripe to crawl from the pages of myth into the real world. He quickly finds himself neck-deep in the Cthulhu mythos, cults and weird science, which threatens to draw him into a world of madness.

The newly-released E3 trailer walks the fine line between sanity and madness, clearly drawing on the themes from the pen and paper RPGs on which the game is based. In the tabletop version, players would lose sanity points upon finding something horrifying, losing the game when they descend entirely into madness – and this trailer appears to show the same link between success and sanity.

Gameplay for Call of Cthulhu is almost entirely focused on RPG elements, from choosing different paths for Pierce’s investigation to making certain dialogue decisions, but the player must choose carefully, as certain paths lead to traumatic events for Pierce which will make it more difficult for him to cope in the dark world in which he is trapped. There are also branching storylines which offer up multiple endings to the investigation, dependent on the choices the player makes.

Call of Cthulhu will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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