Have you ever wondered what is it like to run and hide in the middle of cornfield during midnight while a group of hillbillies, that look like mutants from The Hills Have Eyes movie, are chasing you down trying to murder you for a sport? Well, Red Barrels studio took care of that by showing the first gameplay footage of Outlast 2 – sequel to one of the scariest games out there; game that destroyed our courageous and gutsy spirits and traumatized us for good. We guess this is not something that we can escape from as Outlast 2 looks as good and horrific as the original game, even if not better in both ways. Take a look for yourself:

While we don’t have any further details about the game itself or its fresh setting and new character, it looks like night-vision camera is making a comeback along with few adjustments – decibel level meter and few other upgrades that weren’t shown in the game play video.

If Outlast 2 will be as terrifying as this promising game play is, then we are going to get ready and prepare few extra pairs of underwear, since Red Barrel studio is planning to deliver the sequel this autumn for PC and both next-gen consoles – Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: GameSpot

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