Tank Girl could be getting another shot at cinematic glory, as one of the comic’s creators, Alan Martin, tweeted that Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment is looking to adapt the story for the screen.

Yahoo Movies were the first to pick up Martin’s tweeted, which seems to indicate that LuckyChap has won the remake rights from MGM, and the film has already been in development for a while now. While Robbie’s company involvement may imply that the actress is looking to add another comic book character to her roster, she may only be involved in a production capacity, with someone else taking on the lead role.

Martin and Jamie Hewlett created Tank Girl in 1988, and since then the character has gone on to become a cult favourite. The series follows Rebecca Buck, who lives in and drives a tank. She takes on a number of missions for a nebulous organisation, before making a dire mistake and being declared an outlaw for her substance abuse and sexual inclinations.

The original film version was released in 1995 and starred Lori Petty as the titular character – but it bombed, and that isn’t a surprise given that it included Ice-T as a human/kangaroo hybrid.

There’s nothing more than the tweet to go on right now, so it remains to be seen as to whether LuckyChap will be bringing Tank Girl to the big screen once more.

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