A new comic series is on the way

Since the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man Noir has seen a big jump in popularity, with the momentum leading to Marvel announcing a new title for the character to come in March 2020.

Borne from the Spider-Verse ongoing title currently taking place, the adventures of Earth-90214’s Spider-Man are back in a limited five-issue series, with Margaret Stohl writing and Juan Ferreya on artistic duties.

The duo has already produced some interesting and enticing concept art for their new series, one piece of which you can see below:

However, for fans who followed the Spider-Geddon event, one question remains: how is Spider-Man Noir still around after his demise during that story?

Well, Marvel’s Devin Lewis has some answers for that, “The last time we saw him, Spider-Man Noir was murdered at the hands of the Inheritors during SPIDER-GEDDON. But you can’t keep a good spider down, and Spidey Noir is one of the best. After being resurrected through magical means in the forthcoming SPIDER-VERSE #5, Peter Parker of Earth-90214 is going to learn that his world is a whole lot bigger than two-bit gangsters tearing up his friendly neighbourhood. The shadow of war looms on the horizon, and in SPIDER-MAN: NOIR #1 it reaches New York!”

Stohl and her team are very excited to start work on this new chapter, specifically their plans for exploring the darker tones of this Spider-Man’s story, “Spider-Man Noir has become this kind of rogues’ gallery of all my favourite things: a deadpan Spidey Noir sensibility, a classic globe-trotting adventure, a femme fatale, a doomed excavation, loot, punching Nazis, Aunt May, camels, heroes of legend, and oh yeah, an actual rogue’s gallery of classic Spider-Man Noir Super Villains — all done up 1933 style! I mean really, how could I pass this one up?”

The writer continued, “I’m so excited to bust Spider-Man Noir out of New York City and let him loose on the other side of the pond. Without saying too much — London, I hope you’re ready for this, because the friendly Noir neighbourhood just got about five countries bigger.”

Spider-Man: Noir #1 is scheduled for release in March 2020.

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